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s'up with Firefox? it's looking particularly screwy - especially on the search boxes - and there's no horizontal scroll bar, and when I open a new tab it's not showing as a new tab. S'there I think, 'cause when I close the browser I get the 'you're about to close x open tabs. Are you sure?" message.

I should be updating automatically but has there been a critical update or something? I don't wanna use IE....

Strike that last, when did 2.0 launch? Must've been a little while back 'cause it's now. S'fine now, although I don't know why my automatic updater didn't pick up on the change, but hey, can't have everything.

(I slept in, I've had no breakfast, I have nothing with me for lunch, and I haven't taken my meds. This is going to be a *fun* day)

ETA Ooo! iyalode?! A couple more Dean/Jess icons just got posted here by carmendove!
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