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Yeah, I have no life.

Woke up at stupid o'clock this morning and ended up making icons. Yeah, I should be writing I know this, and I kinda am. (*hugs frogfarm and smhwpf for helping me sort out the issues I was having with my slayerversathon fic) but the Australian promo thingy for SPN was just too darn cute so...

Voila - plus, there are three wallpapers there which were made for specific people as presents but are snaggable. :)

And I got my assignment for the BtVS crossover ficathon that spikendru is running. I'm very pleased with who I drew - basically we gave the character we wanted to crossover (Dean, what? You're surprised?) and we were then given a BtVS/AtS character to write. I didn't expect the one I got, but I am really pleased with her (and no, it's not Faith). Will be working on that once I've got a few other things out of the way - yes, I am still sticking to the one thing at a time deal.

And you just know, that despite the fact I've been up for two and a half hours now, that I'll end up running late for work. I should go get dressed or something... :)

Tags: fic wips, graphics, this productivity can't last
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