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So my icons and wallpapers went down really well, I'm more than a little flabbergasted by that and wish I could take all the credit - but I'm sure the Jensen effect had a lot to do with it. :) I'm really behind on everything right now, my neice's birthday was yesterday and I ended up at their house watching my nephew play his Futurama game on his PS2 and generally tolerating my BiL. (Barely tolerating it has to be said, especially when he made yet another crack about not pinning a badge to my shirt because he didn't want anything to go pop. Yes, I'm well-endowed, as they say, but he's still an arse.)

Littlest nephew (just turned one in December) is so keen to be a part of everything that he's *almost* walking on his own. He's standing without support for a little while, he just hasn't quite got the one-foot-after-another thing yet. Eldest nephew is turning into a greedy little sod, he's four - will be five in August - and wanted in on everything, and when neice had opened all her presents he was asking why there weren't any more. I know it's a four year old trait, but from watching sis at the weekend she gives in all the time. He had four pounds to spend on a toy, she let him get the werewolf from the DW episode Tooth & Claw action figure which cost eight quid. She picked up fruit squash but he wanted a Robinson's fruit barley thing instead. She got both. We were picking a birthday cake for neice and he spotted miniature Happy Feet cakes, he got them. He is the master of throwing a tantrum in the middle of a shop, but she just gives in all the time...

*sigh* got sidetracked there, it's not my problem, my therapist would be proud of me. Speaking of, t'was therapy time again yesterday and she thinks that there's been such a significant change in me that it's time to start considering the option that we might want to draw to a close. She wants to take it really slowly because the whole thing came about initially when it became apparent that I really don't deal well with loss, or endings, but she's so impressed with how I've handled Dram's death. I am grieving, part of always will, but I'm not pushing it away as I have in the past, and my new attempt to not always focus on the negative (which I really hope has come through on this journal since the start of the year because it has been a determined effort on my part) is making her think there's not a whole lot more I can get out of the sessions. It won't be immediate, it'll be an easing into the process, but maybe by the summer I can stand back and say I'm not so screwed up anymore.

Basically what I was meaning to say is that I'm a li'l bit behind on everything, need to send smhwpf's beta back, need to finish my slayerversathon fic, need to get my Sam icons started properly, need to seriously sort out the crap on my computers so that I have the memory and processing power to make an attempt at the vid that's bothering my brain, and I need to get my crossover fic planned out.

And I need to talk to a lawyer about the land my neighbour wants to buy, he left me a message last night while I was out. He's spoken to his lawyer already.

It's like being a grown up all of a sudden.

Oh, and to the SL here who's bitching at me about a problem with an ejournal, typing your email in block caps is going to encourage me to work on it with the highest priority. Oh, no, wait, it won't. It'll encourage me to put it right at the bottom of my long list of things to be done. Bitch.

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