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lack of sleep = bad for Sho's brain...

Didn't mention this in my earlier post, but I was again up at stupid o'clock today. 2:12 am. Didn't go to bed 'till I was tired last night but since I'd been up since 4 in the morning that wasn't that late - 'bour ten thirty I think. Anyways, up at just after 2 and not feeling like doing anything. So I started watching the entries for Round Two at the AVA's (theme round winners announced by the way - congratulations charmax! Awesome vid!) and decided to do that at lunch here at work as well. So the laptop comes with me, I'm kinda busy with real work (whoddathunk?!) and when lunch rolls around I opened... Photoshop.

Yeah, I started making more icons instead of either watching/judging the AVA vids or writing the slayerversathon fic. I was making icons. And not even the ones I have for a challenge that's actually due on the 6th of February (the Sam icons, 100 of 'em), or the ones that were requested from me yesterday (by the way, if anyone has any links for good quality Dark Angel season two screencaps or promos I will be eternally grateful!). Oh no, I was making icons from the latest SPN episode "Hunted".

*shakes head*

My 'one project at a time' thing came crashing back to me there as I transferred all the .png files to my MP3 player (still don't have a pen drive since sis put my old one through the washing machine). So now I'm back writing the fic, and I have 'Hunted' icons to add to my long-term to-do-list.


Tags: art of vidding awards, multi-tasking madness
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