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can I go home please?

T&F is down - 1286 titles
Synergy is screwing up its redirects - 857 titles
Kluwer Law is not letting us in - 14 titles
Ovid is screwy - 319 titles
Someone who shall remain nameless thinks she can ask me anything about any computer issues and I'll jump up with an answer straight away.
Someone else who shall remain nameless (but is the SL who was shouting at me by email yesterday) thinks the only thing I have to do all day is jump when she finds a problem with a site.
Another supervisor in this office is being an arse to a friend of mine. Yeah he was his break and shouldn't have had to answer the question, but guess what? So was I and I still tried to answer it because there was no one else here that could.
My neck is starting to hurt because my copy holder's ancient and is too low for my line of sight.
There are no black pens left in the department because the students have all stolen them.
Apparently as well as knowing all about computers I can also fix the freaking microprint reader which is so out of date that they don't make the bulbs for it anymore.
And apparently I'm the designated person in the department for all correspondance with a certain lovely man who is a professor in the uni and donates a lot of books and periodicals, but is still an arse.
Go on, someone find another provider that's screwed up our ejournal access. I dare you. Wanna really make my day? Make it be Springer (1254 titles) or ScienceDirect (1913 titles)

Okay, I feel better now. Sorry 'bout that!
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