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Alcohol+Painkillers+Dark Angel s2 = Giggly Sho.

Hand isn't broken, well, actually, it might be, if it's still as bad on Wednesday I've to get it X-Rayed, 'parantly it's too swollen to get a decent image right now or something. Just bruised. I think.

And stronger painkillers. Dicoflenic. Says on the leaflet these things are used as an anaesthetic for minor surgery. Hee! Guess I probably shouldn't have had any beer on top of 'em.

And why did I stop watching Dark Angel? I remember watching the first couple of episodes of S2 and then abandoning it. But the Jensen Effect has sent me back to it and it's actually a whole lot better than I thought it would be. (Yeah, the Jensen Effect wasn't enough to keep me hooked first time around, I feel like such a bad fangirl for saying that...) I'm up to episode 9 now and there is a whole lot less eye-rolling going on than there was when I was watching Torchwood. :)

'Kay, I'm being random and my enter key is too close to the ' key and is being annoying. (and I know that when the painkillers and beer wear off I'm going to be feeling this...) So go check out the pic somersaulter posted earlier. What the hell is Jared doing and why is Jensen looking like that?!
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