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To Do Lists Are Evil

Yeah, didn't get much done off of my to do list yesterday, in fact, all I managed was to start the banners for the AVAs (and work on them some more at break there until my eyes started burning. This is not a good sign... *g*). I said a while ago that I wouldn't make another list because I never get any of it done, and yet there I went, making a list and not getting it done...

I've been awake for a long time already today. It's just after half ten and I've been up for seven hours. It took me two hours to drive 32 miles this morning because there are roadworks on the M8 at Glasgow Airport. Roadworks which started today and which will be there for fifteen weeks... I need a new job, or a new house, or a motorbike. Or all three! Yay!

One thing I did do yesterday was watch Top Gear. I love the show anyway, but this was the start of the brand new series which had been delayed after one of the presenters had a life-threatening crash whilst filming for the show in a jet-propelled car. You might remember me posting just after it happened, I was ranting at the media for launching into a tirade of how the BBC could let it happen while it still wasn't clear whether he was going to pull through. Richard Hammond (for it was he) has a young family and it infuriated me no end that all I was seeing was recriminations and accusations being thrown about when those two kids didn't know if their daddy was going to be coming home.

But he did, and he has been recovering since then, and last night he was back presenting the show. And he did a very brave thing which was to show the footage of the crash, talk the audience through what had happened, and then say "if you show it in slow motion, you can see the tyre start to go..." and got them to play it in slow motion. I thought that was incredibly brave of him, and my respect for the man knows no bounds at the moment. The crash, if you don't know, was at over 280mph. The thing that stopped the car was when it overturned and the roll bar - and Richard's head - dug into the ground and acted like brakes. You can see the accident has marked him, there's only the littlest of visible scars, but he looks older.

Okay, so my applause of Mr Hammond over, I made a new icon. On the way to work this morning, sitting in first gear on the motorway..., Dominik Diamond on the radio was asking people to text in with the funniest slogans they'd seen on a t-shirt. This was mentioned, I think it was Dom's producer Scott who came up with it and I just had to icon it. Shareable, if you want it.

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