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yeah, I'm a little spammy today but I had to share. Past week or so I've been coming home to find messages on my answering machine. My machine got the message I recorded erased and it's switched back to the default which says "Please leave a message". I just haven't been bothered changing it yet, but "Please leave a message" and a beep should be enough to alert people that it's an answer machine, right?

So why have there been seventeen messages left so far this week by people in a call centre saying, "Hello? Can I speak to Shona please?" and then hanging up abruptly...


Oh, and my mobile phone hates me. I've just got a bundle of text messages delivered, including a happy birthday from smileawhile which I know Denise knows when my B-day is and I know she wasn't a month late. It's my phone. It hates me. And fresleyforever for some reason as well, every time I try to text her my phone does this light flash thing and then shuts down. I think it's time for a new phone somehow... The point of this is, if anyone has texted me and not heard back, it's (probably) not that I'm ignoring you, it's the tempestuous relationship I'm having with my phone.

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