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Final reminders!

Last day of voting over at the White Knight Awards! There are multiple ties and most categories are extremely close. One vote really could make a difference - so head on over, take a look, and support those brave souls who do all they can to show their appreciation of Xander!

And also, today is the deadline for submissions to slayerversathon! C'mon folks, y'all were so keen on this when it was suggested! Any character, any pairing, any media, any rating, art, graphics, fic, meta, vids - anything!

(she said, horribly aware that her own fic entry has spiralled out of control again and is not showing any signs of being finished at any point today....)

The fandom needs you! Come show your support!

And thank you to every single one of you who has contributed so far, there are some awesome entries on the masterlist! (Plus a few more to be added today).
Tags: slayerversathon, wka
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