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slayerversathon fic: Her Own Path

Title: Her Own Path
Characters: Faith, Giles
Pairings: None
Gen/Het/Slash: Gen
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None, unless you count a vague reference to a shop selling sex toys as something that needs a warning, in which case, consider yourself warned! Oh, and it's Faith, so there's a bit of bad language in here.
Disclaimer: Not mine, never will be. I'm just playing in this pretty big sandbox.
Summary/Notes: August 2005, Faith has been travelling the country on her own terms and Giles is left to wonder what she's been doing.
This story is intended as a stand alone, but works as an introduction to my planned opus Paths Crossed which will be a crossover fic. Her Own Path is not, however, a crossover. This is all BtVS. Well...kinda.
I am hugely indebted to frogfarm and smhwpf for going above and beyond the call of beta duty with this one. What was a vague idea about field reports blossomed into something a whole lot more. Thank you once again guys! I have worked on this post-beta so any mistakes are all my own doing.

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