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Watching House

I've hit pause at the point where the girl tells Cuddy she wants House to be her doctor so I've still got about a half hour to go.

Excuse the language.

Thank fuck this show is getting back to what I loved! House is a very British show. The fact that it is completely American makes no difference, engelsteorra and I talked about this a while ago and I still agree - House is who he is. Who cares if he takes painkillers? Doesn't automatically make him an addict. Doesn't mean he needs "help". (Uses air-and-literal quotes sarcastically.) Lately the show has been leaning towards Americanism and I've been growing a little 'meh' about it as a result. House takes opiates=he has a problem=he's an addict=intervention="I statements"=eyeroll.

Yeah, I've had a couple of beers so my censor's switched off. Apologies if you read this as offensive. God knows it's not meant to be.

House, for all HL's fantastic accent (*cough*James Marsters take note*cough*), is British. He is dry, he is funny as hell, he is unapologetic. He is ultimately flawed. He's a bastard. But he's alright by me.

Thank fuck this show is getting back to the show I fell for.

'course, they could screw it up royally in the next 27 minutes and 47 seconds, but hell, you'll hear from me if they do.

DUDE! I had no tag saved for House! How wrong is that!?
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