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White Knight Awards update

So, the announcement of the winners at the WKA is late, I am sorry for not having them posted when they should have been, and I figure you guys deserve an explanation beyond the "I suck!" semi-sarcasm.

These are going to sound like "my dog ate my homework" excuses, but they are the real reasons I've been flakey so...

I over-committed myself in January. I had way too many things to do all at once and it's ended up that nothing is being done to my satisfaction (yes, I'm still behind on updating the slayerversathon list - hell, I haven't even read/watched any of the submissions yet, I'm that far behind).

I'm currently battling a lingering cold which is not serious at all, but which is leaving me drained and I'm (for once) listening to my body when it tells me I need to sleep.

There are major roadworks on my route to and from work. lists it as a fifteen minute delay, which of course explains why my normally less than an hour journey is taking over two hours. Most of that time spent sitting motionless on the two mile stretch of road between Linwood and Glasgow Airport. So I leave the house before seven in the morning and I don't get home until around seven at night. I wasn't joking when I told monkey_matt that I haven't seen my house in daylight since August.

All of these things combined have left me feeling quite drained and the time I would normally spend in front of the computer updating the sites or working on Photoshop has been spent with me curled up under piles of blankets trying to sleep.

I have been working on the banners on my laptop during my tea breaks and at lunch at work so they are done (finished yesterday afternoon, although not to the quality I would have liked them to be, they aren't bad, but they are not tailored to the winners as they have been in previous rounds because I simply did not have the time to do that). And then I found out that my work have blocked access to my site maintenance portal from this computer. Which means I can only upload/edit/check the server from home. So I'm caught in an infinite loop right now, bit like the graphics driver on my laptop which keeps screwing up on me and crashing, I do something during the day and I plan to finish it when I get home, I get home and I'm so tired that all I can do is sleep, and then I get to work the next day and get frustrated that I haven't/can't finish what I started.

But the banners are done, and in between the multiple crashes on my laptop last night, they are uploaded on the server. Now all I have to do is code up the pages so people can see them (ten minute job, if that) and make sure they're posted tonight when I finally get home. Round five will not be starting for a little while, and I'm probably going to be going back to making these awards annual - haven't quite decided yet what the future of the awards will be (they will still be around though!) but they're going on a little hiatus until I've got things sorted out.

So, apologies for the continued hold ups to this.
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