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WKA - again...

I've just sent out all the winners notification emails this morning. (I'm home sick, got no sleep last night and feel generally groggy right now). The only person I've not been able to find an email address for is redrikki - I do know that some of you have her on your flists though, if you could pass on the information I would forever be in your debt!

Thanks all for the support you've given the site over the last four rounds, it's much appreciated and has given me a reading list miles long! We'll be back for round five later on this year so keep checking back!

(The site may change a little for round five, some of the categories may be reworked, the screening process assessed etc, and I might be looking for help from an admin perspective.)

Now I'm going back to curling up under my duvet and inhaling olbas oil straight out of the bottle....
Tags: white knight awards, wka
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