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Had a good day

Figured I was about due for one. :)

I'm not the most... enthusiastic person when it comes to housekeeping. My house is not dirty, but neither is it spotless. There has been times when it's been difficult to get to the other end of a room because of all the junk in the way. This morning I tackled the room I'm currently sitting in, at 9am there was a clear path from the door to the computer and not much else, now? It's tidy, the carpet's been vacuumed, the window's washed, the rubbish put outside in the wheelie bin. So my house feels like a proper house now instead of where I keep my stuff. And Scotland won the rugby - exciting game, but not a particularly *good* game - which will always lift my day. Supernatural was pretty damn good. Jared's doing a pretty damn good job this year! (Will post a proper review - with pictures! - later on) and I've cooked real food instead of heating up pizza.


This is the biggie that's made my day.

I'm not really... girly. I don't squee over fashion or even really see the difference between a pair of shoes that cost £300 and a pair that cost £30 (although any less than that and they're obviously cheap in ways I can't explain), I buy clothes I think I'll feel comfortable in and that won't make me look like a sack of potatoes and that's pretty much it. So today, I found this cool looking shirt dress - kinda militaristic in a way - that's a green/grey needlecord fabric. I picked up the hanger with my size, held it against me to make sure it would more or less fit (kids were with me, I had no time to try it on in the shop) and bought it. Got it home, tried it on, it fits, it looks good.

It's two sizes smaller than the hanger size.

And it fits me and fits me well.

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