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oh no! emo!!!

God I can be such an emo bitch sometimes. Previous entries have now been edited and marked private so I can point and laugh at myself. I'm fine, seriously, well actually not seriously because I'll now never watch Wallace & Gromit quite the same way again thanks to monkey_matt (Wensleydale... *sigh*)

Looking for input on hairstyles though. I, in a fit of "screw it, I need a change", made a very hyper-enthusiastic phone call to the hairdressers and have ended up with an appointment for Saturday morning. It's about a year since scissors last touched my hair. It's in dire need of being cut so... what should I get done? If you don't know what I look like, I have a roundish face with a high forehead. My hair is naturally fair but is currently coloured blonde and I'm planning on going even blonder, and it's very fine and flyaway so it doesn't really hold geometric styles all that well.

Suggestions, pictures, help?
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