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small dogs within a 100 mile radius of me are now deaf

I am definitely going to the Asylum convention. I've been antsy about whether my booking actually went through or not, and this morning I got the letter. Ticket number 212.


*ahem* sorry 'bout that, but I did actually squee out loud when I saw the letter.

I have a slight problem with the timing of the convention though, mid-May. It's the weekend of Sis's birthday which in itself isn't a problem but... she'll also be nine months pregnant then. Her due date is something like the 27th May but it's cutting it really close. But, and my therapist would be proud of me here, tough. I'm going, if I come back to a new niece then that's great, but this is my life, this is what I do so I'm not changing it for a possibility of making sis's life easier.

Now I have forty minutes to decide whether I'm blowing off the psychiatric therapy appointment with evil!shrink or not. If I blow it off I won't get another appointment for months, and they might cut off my meds. If I go I might end up being arrested for assaulting a medical *professional*.

fresleyforever, I've been trying to text you since about 6.30 last night, I am so buying a new phone this weekend, I couldn't answer the call 'cause I was driving past Glasgow Airport at the time - sorry!
Tags: conventions, flist love, mental health
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