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Site updates delayed

I had planned on getting all the sites I'm working on (bar one) launched at the weekend, but it got delayed because I ended up cleaning up someone else's mess. It kinda pissed me off a lot so I ended up not doing much on the computer this weekend, meaning that none of the graphics are done, meaning that the launch date is pushed back again. I'm taking a day off this week though, probably Friday, so hopefully it'll all fall into place for a launch by the start of March.

Yes, I am still pissed off, and no I'm not going into details, but if you're reading this then it ain't you.

I am planning a recap/review of Bloodlust (SPN 2:03) which was on ITV2 last night, but I got irritated by the speed they were playing the episode at (I think it may even have been ramped up to 28 frames/s) and switched it off. So I'll watch the downloaded copy tonight and post the recap tomorrow. :)

I will also start posting recaps of the later episodes as well, now that we're in a month's hiatus again. As I said to fresleyforever, I laughed so much during Tall Tales that I nearly threw up. Seriously. (And all these multiple spoilers that have been released for 2:19, which I haven't been reading so please don't clue me in on them - I am more or less unspoiled for the rest of the season!, dontcha think there's a hint of planned release there? Like they're sanctioned foilers maybe? That many casting sides and leaks doesn't seem likely unless someone in the production office is doing it deliberately to get people looking in the wrong direction...)

ETA somersaulter and bluegreensmoke both mentioned how incredible they thought The Black Donnellys was, so I, always on the look-out for new things to occupy my time, watched the pilot episode. Wow. I had no idea what to expect, all I knew was that two people with impeccable taste thought it was good, and they were right. I've checked and apparently ITV2 have the rights for it in the UK and should start airing it soon. Keep an eye out for it, it's all kinds of amazing.

second edit great, so the crossover ficathon thing I'm working on has morphed from a two character piece into an ensemble. It's got a 1000 word minimum limit, I'm at 987 right now and the second of the two characters is nowhere in sight right now. Just what I need, another opus. And I want to write the companion piece to Her Own Path but I'm still doing the one at a time thing for fic and it's third on my list. I hate my brain.

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