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Mornin' all

I posted this as a news item over at INAP but I have doubts about exactly how many people read the news items so... I'm posting it here as well.

INAP is in the process of being upgraded. I've done pretty much all I can do without taking the site offline but now I need to do just that. So, for around an hour on Friday morning (9-10am GMT) the site will be unavailable. Please, please, please make sure your last submissions are made by 8pm on Thursday night so that I can clear the list. Reviews and comments will also be switched off while the upgrade is ongoing, this is because I need to make a backup of the entire database so anything that gets added to the site after I've taken the backup will be lost.

So, the main points:

  • I Need a Parrot is going offline on Friday morning from 9-10am GMT
  • Submissions will be switched off at 8pm Thursday 22nd.
  • Reviews/comments will be disabled on Thursday 22nd at 8pm.
  • If everything goes according to plan, the site will be back online at 10am Friday 23rd with new submissions/reviews/comments being accepted from that time.

I'll also be letting the other admins know about the changes to the structure of the site, it will look different because the current layout doesn't support some of the new features, but I'll keep the changes to a minimum.

ETA - all times mentioned are GMT. I'm doing the upgrade first thing in the morning so that the disruption is kept to a minimum.
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