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Working on the remaining prompts from yesterday, should have them posted soon although my boss has decided to punish me for daring to use my flexi leave to take tomorrow off and I have mountains of stuff to clear! I really need a new job...

So anyway, posted so far:
Run - slightly angsty but ultimately positive (I think) Faith-centric fic, post-Chosen, for tessarin

What Needs To Be Done - hugely angsty Sam-centric fic, post Born Under a Bad Sign, for dullemarulle (also the first time I posted an SPN fic to a wider community.... *chews fingernails nervously*)

Semolina Pilchard - insane Doctor (Ten) & Martha ficlet for booster17. I may post this to lifeonmartha today, I'll see how brave I'm feeling.

All are posted to fandomsbitca as per usual, I'll treat this post as a kind of masterlist I think and update it once the rest are done. If I can get my head out of the NC-17 place that dimlondeiel's prompt triggered... *g*

Quick reminder about INAP as well, submissions, reviews and comments will be switched off at 8 o'clock tonight. I haven't found a way to deny new sign-ups in the interim but if anyone does sign up after the database has been backed up, their details won't be transferred and they'll have to re-register again once the upgrade is complete.

And yes, I'm now officially way behind on my SPN recaps. This weekend I'm hoping to get caught up with myself enough to get my head working properly again so we'll see how it goes then.

ETA My To-Do-List for tonight and tomorrow
  1. Send back placings for the AVAs to thedothatgirl
  2. Make new banner graphic for INAP (.gif format)
  3. Put INAP into admin mode
  4. Back up all INAP files and database (don't leave backup on the server this time...)
  5. Install upgrade
  6. Keep fingers crossed upgrade works
  7. Make banner graphics for other sites (.gif format)
  8. Launch sites
  9. spnlims entry
  10. deanandsamlims entry
  11. Work on crossover ficathon fic
  12. Vid.

    second edit You know you're obsessed with SPN when you are checking holdings on the most boring list of electronic journals in the world, you turn a page, see "Stanford Law Journal" at the top and grin. Yes, I am that sad.
Tags: fic, inap, random, to do lists are evil
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