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Daughters of Sineya

A while ago, in fact I think it was originally over a year ago, I proposed the idea of having a site dedicated to the Slayers of the Buffyverse. Not as one part of a pairing, not as alternate universe characters, but as Slayers. How that affects their lives, how it changes them, how it marks them, what it means to them.

I've been playing with this idea since that day and now am ready to go with it. So ladies and gentlemen, fanboys and fangirls, may I present Daughters of Sineya. The archive is currently empty and only you can change that - come on over, sign up, upload your stories!

All stories are accepted so long as the primary focus is on the Slayer. Pairings are fine, so long as the pairing is not the focus. I've organised the archive by Slayer to make it easier to navigate, but only you can help with that by submitting fics to it.

and yes, you might have gathered that I seem to be launching a new site per day...
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