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My head hurts

A lot. I slept in, I still feel rubbish, but I had a fun evening trading texts with fresleyforever last night debating whether it's too early to really squee about the Asylum convention yet. I feel really kinda wierd about that because I've got a convention before that which I am really quite stoked about and it's in two weeks, I think it's because even though the guests at Serenity 4 are all lovely drunkards people, I've met most of them before so the squee factor is much reduced.

I am now a Virgin broadband customer and it'll take until they can confrim my bank details before I'm online. They said three days, but that might be three working days so it'll be the middle of next week maybe, but still - a hell of a lot sooner than nearly the end of the month!

'nother site launch tonight. Graphics are done for it but not uploaded so I will have to wait till later to do it, and I've got an entry to put in for spnlims for tomorrow. *g*. Yup. I got back in on the second chance round. Yay! I should go do something productive, really, especially since I'm at work, but I just can't be arsed.... (I still owe prompts from last week - they're coming, honest!)

Dude! I keep forgetting to mention this - I should be shot! Winners for Round Three of the Art of Vidding Awards have now been announced, and Round Four is now open for nominations. This round we are including new fandoms that thedothatgirl and I are both involved with/aware of, so the complete list of accepted fandoms is:
 Bones,  Dark Angel, Deadwood,  Dr. Who, Due South,  House,  Lost, Sopranos,  Supernatural,  Torchwood,  Tru Calling, Veronica Mars, Whedonverse (including Serenity), Wonderfalls and more will be added later.

Go, submit! Watch! Fangirl the winners! (is not stalking ringwench and wolfpup2000's ljs... honest!)
Tags: conventions, gimme my broadband back!, random, work
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