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Yes, I am late launching the sites. That's because my FTP programme hates dial up. Plus, apparently it hates my email as well. Sorry. I should be back on broadband by the middle of next week so I'm thinking the remaining three sites will be launched as one next weekend - with another to come at a later (originally mid-March but potentially a teeny bit towards the end of the month) date.

I hate dial up. I've mentioned that, right?

I've been skimming my flist (will read it fully when I can) and realised that some of you are not having a great time right now.

**huge hugs to all of you**

It does get better, honest. (says the woman currently undergoing both psychological and psychiatric therapy and taking medication to stabilise her mood swings...) No really, focus on the good and while the bad might still be there, it doesn't seem so important any more. It will get better.

*hugs flist*
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