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I'm sore. Muscles I haven't used for years have come out of retirement and are now picketing for the right to go back into retirement. Why did I decide last night would be the perfect night to drag my bike out from the back of the shed and cycle uphill to my sister's house? It's only a couple of miles away which makes it even worse, but I haven't seen my bike for four years let alone thought about using it for anything other as a handy stand for my jacket...

And when I say I cycled there, I cycled some of the way, realised bike gears don't seem to work the same as car gears and had to wheel it up the steepest parts of the hill, so it was a kind of cycle/get off and walk pitiful attempt... And how come I know the way back to my house is downhill from hers, and yet last night it was all uphill?! How is that possible? Was there some kind of shift in the Earth's gravitational pull that switched downhill to uphill without it hitting the news? I knew I was unfit but this was rediculous.

I'm sore...

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