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So I'm vidding. Some of you know this already, but those of you to whom this is news? It's not really a big shock is it?

I am planning an episodic vid for Supernatural "Houses of the Holy" and was watching it again there to take notes on where the clips I need would come from and these notes are the result:

These really are my notes as I was watching it, I had the episode playing on the left of the screen and Word open on the right. This has timings as per my media player (which counts backwards) and increasingly meta-type notes from me. This really is how my brain works.

- Hooker from god's visitation - 0.00:00-0.08.15
- Sam in institution 0.38.06-00-00.35.54 (credits over images, needs careful cutting)
- Dean's coin-operated bed - 00.35.53-00.35-38 (some credits over this, some drool over the keyboard...)
- Sam arriving and being 'uncomfortable' - 0035.38-00.34.50 (still some credits…)
- Sam and Dean argue/talk in motel room - 00.34.51-00.32.27 (lot of talky heads, some decent stuff but it will take some digging to get it)
- Site recce #1 - driving up to and outside first house  - 00.32.26-00.31.29 (smarmy Dean, pissed Sam)
- Same scene - 00.31.28-00.31.00 (intuitive Sam. Fair bit of fluid camera movement, left to right, well worth using. (circles Sam then circles the house (anticlockwise - hello textual analysis….)))
- Basement exploration - 00.31.00-00.29.46 (natural cut) (lot of intuitive Sam here, ends with resigned Dean taking charge because it's a physical activity (digging the floor) and my god could this be any more analytical… - movement on Sam is circular, right to left, movement on Dean is direct, a straight line, left to right of screen (bottom right of screen being, as James Monaco pointed out, the dominant side for Western audiences. The final word on the page as it were.))
- Bones in basement - 00.29.46-00.29.31 (little bit of talkyness, but the lightplay and camera angles are good.)
- Second visitation. The town drunkard. - 00.29.30-00.28.35 (objects move left-right, he moves right to left until the end when he moves towards the light in BR (bottom right). God, I hate my brain. This is supposed to be sorting out clips, not writing meta!!)
- Act of god #2 - 00.28.34-00.27.29 (ends with shot of stone angel in bottom right, great mise-en-scene for that last shot, movement again is anticlockwise)
- Motel room, police scanner & missing the magic fingers - 00.27.28-00.27.11 (clockwise motion, Dean's out of focus when he's on the right of the frame, interesting…)
- Sam arrives - 00.27.11-00.26.17 (smug Dean, slightly condescending Sam…) (exposition scene, slightly less talky than previously and some really good expressions including eye-rolling from Sam and 1upmanship)
- 2nd crime scene recce - 00.26.16-00.26.05 (pan left to right, fence jump)
- B&A 101 (seriously, one week this show is a walking advert for not using mobile phones whilst driving (CSPWDT) and the next it's giving detailed instructions on how to break into a house….) 00.26.04-00.25.49
- Sam, techie geek. - 00.25.48-00.24.02 - again, expositiony so there's a lot of talking heads, but also some good expressions. Fairly static (and again starts with focus on Sam and circles him anti-clockwise. I'm sensing a theme here…)
- Location shot - church… - 00.24.01-00.23.57 - passers-by track left to right
- Church interior long-shot (motion anti-clockwise) - 00.23.56-00.23.45 (high angle, this shot is so going to be used….)
- All priests are Irish - 00.23.4400.22.53 (very expositiony, lots of talking, but a few cool low-angle shots. Interesting that the low angle is when Dean's in the 'dominant' part of the screen - BR. When Sam's the focus it's either high-angle or direct. One could get exceptionally meta on this should one be so inspired….)
- MARTIPHOR!!! Michael=Dean. *gulp* - 00.22.52-00.22.09 (some shots of Sam from low angle here… lot of shots of Dean looking confuddled. Will work *really* well I think)
- Location shot #2 - Church steps with shrine - 00.22.08-00.21.09 (fair bit of talkyness, but some good reaction shots. Revelation/realisation type expressions.)
- Shrine (ooo… candles!) = 00.21.08-00.20.05 - ooo, interesting… low angle on Sam, high angle on Dean. My brain could explode with the meta here. Logistically, it's 'cause Sam's standing on a higher step but still… Good expressions, Sam's declaration of the extent of his faith and Dean's adherence to 'the mission'.
- Yeah, people will shoot me if this isn't in the vid, statue shot. 00.20.04-00.20.00 . Oh look, a cherub, and it's thinking. (Yeah, note to self: Religion=freaky.) (see folks? This is the cynical bitch I really am at heart. I know by this point that I will be sharing these notes with y'all, but I ain't editing them.)
- Sam's visitation - 00.19.59-00.19.24 - again, anticlockwise motion, light coming from BR, good camera work here.
- Dean 'rescues'/finds Sam (and there's that damn cherub again) - 00.19.23-00.19.00 (interesting that Dean only sees Sam as being vulnerable here, on the floor, helpless, needing help to rise, highlighting the differing POVs here in an actually quite subtle (and, from my POV, much appreciated) way)
- Sam's been touched by an angel. Is that like fingering a clown? 00.19.01-00.16-23 (talky. Very talky. Dean=left. Sam=right. Interesting in a completely unrelated way, Dean says to Sam that if he (Sam) wants him (Dean) to believe in angels there needs to be proof. The assumption is there that the two of them act as a unit. They both have to believe in the same thing, have the same goals, beliefs etc, to function. Hmmm. Intriguing,)
- Crypt - wormwood. When I die? I want this planted around my grave to freak people out. 00.16.22-00.16.12 High to low, left to right
- Dean's 'proof' - 00.16.11-00.15.01 - interesting…. When in one-shot, both are centre-frame. When Sam, says "I don't know what to think" he's left of the screen, and then when in two shot and from here on, Dean's right of frame. "Don't you want to know for sure?" would seem to be the turning point for the entire episode. Dammit. I'm supposed to be annotating this to clip it, and now I'm bloody well analysing it. I. Hate. My. Brain.
- Sponge Bob Square Pants is an alter cloth - 00.15.01-00.15.29 - lots of rack focus in here. Goddammit these guys are good… Sam being resolute (Top left of screen), Dean being 'yeah right' (there's a word for that but I'm blanking - and that word would be cynical… How come I, cynical bitch that I am, didn't think of that until I read this through?) (middle right of screen)
- Sam's - so that makes it Dean's - mission - 00.14.28-00.13.41 (kinda talky, but needs to be included for an episodic vid)
- Lamest car chase intro ever…. - 00.13.41-00.12.50 (natural cut) (Good shots of Determined!Dean but other than that - he wasn't even two cars lengths away…. *headdesk*)
- Sam's séance - 00.12.49-00.12.17 (kinda talky by it's nature, but the shadow hides his mouth (am I mean in thinking Jared screwed up the pronunciation and that shadow is added post-production to mask the looping?))
- Séance, interrupted - 00.12.16-00.11.39 (bit talky, a teeny bit wooden on the part of the priest if truth be told. And Jared's hair is awful especially when he says, "It's based on early Christian rites…" all I can think is 'get your hair cut son…')
- Gregory appears - 00.11.38-00.11.15 (some talkyness, but again, good lightplay and zoom work)
- Lame car-chase #2 - 00.11.14-00.11.03 (ooo, pretty car… this scene is badly placed in the show, but could be useful for the vid)
- Not an angel - 00.11.02-00.09.57 (little bit talky but a lot of good reaction shots. Fairly dark though (as in lighting, not in theme))
- Back to the car chase… 00.09.57-00.09.31 (Dean looks bored, theme-wise this is because he doesn't really expect anything to happen, but vid-wise… this is not a good scene apart from the realisation that he's lost his quarry.)
- That's the word of god - 00.09.30-00.08.00 - lot of emo!Sam shots in here. Loss of faith, confusion/chaos.
- What's the blade for? - 00.07.59-00.06.44 (hero!Dean to the rescue… this is the most badly thought out attempted rape scene ever. I'm still not clear on what the guy was going to do with the blade, cut her bra strap? Cut her? Anyway…. Start of action. Might be good for the SYWaYWF line (which will make no sense to most of you since only one of you know the song I'm using. *g*)
- Last Rites. More emo!Sam dealing with loss of faith…. - 00.06.43-00.05.13 Had a thought. Sam's disillusioned here, because it's a spirit and not an angel. But, the old priest (must find out his name)'s reading of the last rites laid Fr Gregory to rest. Therefore, a theologian could state that the rites worked, therefore the rite has basis in truth, therefore there is a God, and therefore there are angels, and therefore Sam's faith is not misplaced. Which would fit with the theme of the whole episode actually, so maybe it's not such an epiphany. *g*
- See, this is how to do a car chase. 00.05.12-00.03.37 - Yeah, this is going to feature highly in the vid.  (Meta-wise, oh look, the picture of Michael had him hurling a spear and here we have Dean seeing a 'spear' thrust through Bad!Guy's chest as a result of his (Dean's) actions. Yeah, that would be the definition of a Martiphor. Except not, 'cause there is actually a hint of subtlety about it. *g*)
- Meet you in the middle? - 00.03.36-00.00.03 - OMG ANGST!!!! Yeah, some talky, but mostly meaningful looks and the like.

Just in case you had previously been under the illusion that I was somehow sane... :)
Tags: oooo - meta!, supernatural, vidding
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