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Race For Life

Last year I took part in the Race For Life to raise money for Cancer Research UK. In this country one in every three people will be affected by cancer in their lives, but with advances in research more cancers are treatable. My dad died as a result of an agressive gastric carcinoma - stomach cancer. He had successfully received treatment and it had been in remission for three years when it returned. When it did, it spread throughout his body and eventually affected his brain. There was no treatment possible at that point, and he died three months after the cancer was again detected in his body.

At the exact same time I was signing up for last year's event, a very dear friend of mine was diagnosed with breast cancer. She has since undergone a full mastectomy and has undergone various chemotherapy treatments. She is cancer-free now. And she is taking part in the race for life this year. Some of you know her, and those of you who don't would love her. She is an amazing person who can make anyone feel comfortable in her presence, she is supportive, she is strong, she has a wicked sense of humour and I am proud to call her my friend.

Gil Bristow, ladies and gentlemen, one of the nicest most genuine people you could ever hope to meet, is looking for sponsors for the Race For Life. So many of you were so generous when I took part last year, and I appreciate every single one of you for that. Please, take a look a look at Gil's page, think about sponsoring her. Or if you have the time, sign up for Race For Life yourself - they are running all over the country on various weekends throughout the Spring/Summer. It is an incredibly worthy cause, remember, one in three of us are likely to be affected. Organisations like Cancer Research UK are leading the way in research for cures and prevention.

Thank you.

(I should point out that I okayed this post with Gil before I put it out there. She is incredibly grateful for all the support she's received since her diagnosis, and this is her way of giving something back.)
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