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I'm back online at home but I'm still feeling melancholic so I'm not really here. I'm just running some updates on the sites so I have to be online. While I'm here, I thought I'd pic spam you some gorgeous photos from places that mean a lot to me. None of these pictures are mine, they're all taken from the BBC Scotland site.

those of you who've been around for a while have seen me talk about running on the beach, or of playing with Dram on the beach. Well, this? Is the beach. Gorgeous isn't it?

the same beach. The island you can see in the middle left is Arran.

And the same beach again. That's snow. See, even in winter it's beautiful!

And this is where I grew up. It's Helensburgh, from just about where my secondary school was (and coincidentally, pretty near to where smileawhile used to live).

Helensburgh again. The neon glow of the water has nothing to do with the nuclear submarine stations nearby, honest.

I know it looks like Helensburgh, but that's because all seaside towns around that size look the same. It's actually Saltcoats. I lived there for about three years before moving to where I am now.

This is Arran again, from about the same level up the hill from the beach as I am right now.

That hill in the distance has plagued me since childhood. It's up behind Helensburgh, and is locally called "The Cobbler" because it looks like a cobbler bending over his workbench. I don't see it. I've never seen it. Can you?

And this is Largs, just up the road from me and famous for the Battle of Largs where the locals seemingly fended up the Norse invaders. Of course, the fact that the sea turned against the invaders preventing them from getting to shore has nothing to do with the plucky spirit shown by the locals who stood on the hill tops ready to run away...
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