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I um... had an accident this morning. I've started running again, a little, and when I'm up early enough I will go for a run around the village before breakfast. This morning I was heading out of my gate, had my mp3 player on, turned round to make sure the gate was shut behind me and the next thing I know I was on the ground in pain and there was a cyclist standing over me. He'd been on the path thinking there was no one else up at that hour and hadn't seen me at all.

I ended up getting taken to casualty 'cause my neighbours wouldn't let me not go, and it turns out I have a cracked rib and a lot of bruising. Which means I can't do much physical stuff and if there's any sharp pains I've to head straight into the hospital in case the rib grazes my lung.

This hurts.

A lot.

I'm fine, or I will be, and the guy on the bike doesn't have a scratch on him and is insanely apologetic, but wow this hurts right now! So pedestrians? Let this be a lesson to you... actually, I have no idea what the lesson is - don't have headphones on at 6am in case a mad bike rider is on the path?
Tags: real life sucks
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