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SPN speculation

So last night I was watching Heart and Roadkill one after the other while at the same time chatting to fresleyforever on Messenger. We started speculating a little about the rest of the season and some of what we came up with is kinda making me think meta type thoughts this morning (not meaty thoughts, 'cause that was one hell of a Freudian slip in spelling... *g*) This is pure speculation. I am 99.9% unspoiled and plan on staying that way!

If you're interested... here's what we talked about (I'm darth_rosenberg, fresleyforever is spnwhore):

darth_rosenberg: I really am watching the ep again by the way - Maddy really isn't subtle with that whole 'sorting the underwear' bit is she?
spnwhore: hell no
spnwhore: clever girl
darth_rosenberg: absolutely
darth_rosenberg: lucky girl too....
spnwhore: I told you Sam was kinky
spnwhore: and that he had a hidden side
darth_rosenberg: oh absolutely - boy's got some mad skillz...
darth_rosenberg: so did you get the photo ticket confirmed?
spnwhore: yup
spnwhore: woooooooo
spnwhore: J2 SANDWICH
spnwhore: OMFG
darth_rosenberg: all I have is the paypal receipt... but I'm not really worried. if it comes to it I can buy it at the con....
spnwhore: yes
darth_rosenberg: But I think - especially after Heart - that I might just be unconscious in the picture....
spnwhore: XD
darth_rosenberg: "oh yeah, my eyes are glued..." Ha!
darth_rosenberg: god Maddy was begging for it! I kinda thought she was a bit more forward than Sam was used to, but that whole "I'm going to bed now" (Come with me!) thing was... not subtle
darth_rosenberg: although I gotta say, I like Maddy
spnwhore: me too
darth_rosenberg: a helluva lot more than I liked Cassie
spnwhore: oh yes
spnwhore: she was more developed
spnwhore: and had chemistry
darth_rosenberg: absolutely - poor Cassie. Great idea, poor execution
spnwhore: yup.
darth_rosenberg: hee!
darth_rosenberg: no one wraps themself in a sheet that quickly... sorry, slight problem with the ep
darth_rosenberg: there should definitely have been more lighting in Route 666. So we could appreciate the pretty!
spnwhore: a good point!
darth_rosenberg: I'm full of 'em
spnwhore: i know
spnwhore: apparently i win-in my latest lj post
spnwhore: heee
darth_rosenberg: hee!
spnwhore: and i can't have meta-y thoughts when there's a half nekkid Padalecki on my screen!
darth_rosenberg: LOL!
darth_rosenberg: yeah.... that scene? I got nothin but my jaw wide open...
darth_rosenberg: (actually... that's kinda a lie because there is some meta that I'm keeping quiet on there for a while)
spnwhore: i like meta though
spnwhore: t'is good
spnwhore: just i like the scene too
darth_rosenberg: meta is good, but sometimes my brain is a really scary place....
darth_rosenberg: I'm slightly amused that some people are calling that scene porn. Yeah, um, I'm guessing they've never actually seen porn..
spnwhore: i haven't seen porn
spnwhore: it's quite light i guess
darth_rosenberg: porn's a lot sleazier than that scene
darth_rosenberg: it's not so much that it's not explicit, it's more that... it has a reason. It's really well shot and it's believable
spnwhore: *nods*
spnwhore: it's all fervent and passionate and wanton
darth_rosenberg: .... animalistic....
darth_rosenberg: ooops, the meta slipped out
spnwhore: doh
darth_rosenberg: don't ya hate it when that happens?
spnwhore: do you think it's a believable aspect of Sam's character?
spnwhore: yes i do
spnwhore: bad meta
darth_rosenberg: hee!
darth_rosenberg: I think from Sam's perspective it was initially about need, about want. But as the scene developes it's about losing control. Giving in to primal urges. Becoming the animal that we all are when it comes down to it. And that's probably scary for Sam - losing contol of himself is the one thing that he's most scared of right now
darth_rosenberg: oh - dude, fic you have to read: and the outsider POV:
darth_rosenberg: subtle Dean, subtle...
spnwhore: damn you and your meta-ing
spnwhore: t'is awesome
darth_rosenberg: yeah... that bicep still freaks me out a little
spnwhore: XD
darth_rosenberg: I do love the end of that scene, when they're both asleep. It's so... peaceful. Something Sam's never really had in the time we've seen him. And then to have him wake alone to see she's a lycanthrope? Oh, Sam!!
darth_rosenberg: she's wearing his shirt
darth_rosenberg: I knew that, but it kills me second time around
spnwhore: poor Sammy
darth_rosenberg: *huggles him*
spnwhore: damn this first fic
darth_rosenberg: *pets you*
darth_rosenberg: t'is awesome isn't it?
spnwhore: oh very much so
spnwhore: in character
spnwhore: and funny
spnwhore: and disturbing
darth_rosenberg: *nods* and OMG the angst....
darth_rosenberg: "this is the way you can save me..." *weeps*
darth_rosenberg: dude, this song is killing me again....
darth_rosenberg: it's not just me is it, when Sam's broken, it's slightly out of focus?
spnwhore: no im sure you're right
darth_rosenberg: it's like the vaseline-on-the-lens thing they used to do in the 50s. And on Dean it's crystal clear
darth_rosenberg: urgh
darth_rosenberg: the flinch
darth_rosenberg: "sobs"
spnwhore: Shona you want to make me watch it again arent you
spnwhore: lol
spnwhore: the flinch
spnwhore: i haven't rewatched Road Kill yet
spnwhore: and i planned to lol
darth_rosenberg: my media player's on auto repeat, it took sheer effort of will to switch it off there
darth_rosenberg: Roadkill - am I really the twisted bitch I think I am? Almost as soon as I saw her I knew she was a ghost
spnwhore: I'm dumb though-never notice that kinda stuff
spnwhore: but then you are twisted
darth_rosenberg: LOL
darth_rosenberg: cheers
darth_rosenberg: I could watch Roadkill again right now actually....
spnwhore: but then im glad i didn't though
spnwhore: oh do commentary lol
darth_rosenberg: Hee!
spnwhore: i did that whilst watching Salvation
darth_rosenberg: awww
spnwhore: t'was hard
spnwhore: I was all brok'd
spnwhore: lol
darth_rosenberg: *pets*
darth_rosenberg: "if it's supernatural we kill it. That's our job..."
darth_rosenberg: awwww poor Dean
spnwhore: n'awwww
spnwhore: can you remember being this invested in a show?
darth_rosenberg: actually... not since my degree, and even then it was for academic purposes that I was this invested. (I told you about my Honours Dissertation being on the X Files, right?)
spnwhore: yup
darth_rosenberg: "taking the scenic route..." poor David. Although, distracting her like that while driving? Deserves everything he got
spnwhore: ha ha
spnwhore: ev0l
darth_rosenberg: who? Me?
spnwhore: yup
darth_rosenberg: yeah, honey, you're dead. Seriously, David aint gonna answer 'cause he's long gone.
spnwhore: *snort*
darth_rosenberg: You know, I think it's actually at this point that I knew. She doesn't have a scratch on her after a wreck like that?
spnwhore: i just thougt it was a miracle *shrugs*
darth_rosenberg: and the makeup and lighting... yeah, the clues are all there right from the start if you look for them
spnwhore: well ill have to study closely
darth_rosenberg: that's because you're an optimist and I'm a cynical pessimistic son of a bitch
spnwhore: everybody wins!
darth_rosenberg: thought this guy might have been a distant relation of the Benders for a while...
darth_rosenberg: hee!
darth_rosenberg: no - it was here. After the credit break when the POV didn't change to S&D. That's when I knew it was screwed up
darth_rosenberg: "lost a fight with a lawnmower" hee!
spnwhore: lmao
darth_rosenberg: y'know, Jensen actually played the scene where she sees the car isn't there badly. (I know, stand back in horror, I'm saying JA made a mistake!) He played it like he really did think the car was going to be there and was wondering WTF when he saw it wasn't...
spnwhore: interesting..will have to look out for that
spnwhore: pobody's nerfect you know
darth_rosenberg: okay, so Dean drove straight through the guy (whose name I will remember eventually) and the Impala borke down right after. If he'd swerved, not hit him, would they have gotten away?
darth_rosenberg: borke.... *headdesk*
spnwhore: who knows? lol
darth_rosenberg: heee - Molly getting freaked out by the aresenal in the boot
spnwhore: poor Molly
spnwhore: i'd be freaked
darth_rosenberg: Dean. Subtle as a brick through a window...
spnwhore: yup
darth_rosenberg: but we love him anyway...
spnwhore: that we do
darth_rosenberg: Sam deliberately used the word "anniversary" there, maybe trying to get Molly to connect?
spnwhore: hmm maybe
darth_rosenberg: poor Sam.
spnwhore: *sob*
darth_rosenberg: I feel bad for him now, especially rewatching this after Heart. He's trying to save Molly here and not able to tell her why. He tried to save Maddy and although he could tell her why, he still couldn't save her.
darth_rosenberg: So - the question - can he save himself?
darth_rosenberg: Or... and this is the big thing.... can he let Dean save him?
spnwhore: i dont know he seems more broken than ever now
spnwhore: this year has taken its toll
spnwhore: even on me!
darth_rosenberg: absolutely - he's lost his faith, he's confused about the distinction between supernatural and evil, and everyone he lets get close dies.
darth_rosenberg: Although... I think Kripke may just be smart enough to be running a whole mislead.
spnwhore: go on
darth_rosenberg: Is it about Dean? We're all following the "Sam might be evil" leads but... from seeing Crossroad Blues again last night, and how close Dean came to making a deal, could it be Dean that we should really be worried about?
darth_rosenberg: Dean sees the world in black and white. Good/Evil. Natural/Supernaturl. He's been shown the grey this season and what is it Lilah said? The thing about grey is that once it's there, you can never get rid of it?
spnwhore: stop messing with my brain
spnwhore: lol
darth_rosenberg: But that's what I'm here for!
spnwhore: Kripke is a clever bastard
spnwhore: lol
darth_rosenberg: Kripke is an evil genius
spnwhore: I haven't said that about any creator since Whedon
spnwhore: I gush anytime i hear a mention of anything to do with the show
darth_rosenberg: I still grin whenever I see the names, or anything connected to it
spnwhore: Shona I am hopelessly in love with it *cry*
darth_rosenberg: *pets* me too
spnwhore: *wails*
spnwhore: I don't want em to die
spnwhore: boys!
darth_rosenberg: I agree with that interview Jared did though. Their deaths - or one of their deaths - is the natural end for this show
spnwhore: *broken*
darth_rosenberg: not that I ever want it to end, but then I'd hate to see it get to the stage where I feel like it's a chore to watch it (BtVS s7 anyone?)
spnwhore: yes i agree
spnwhore: do you think it would run out of steam?
spnwhore: i mean wheres the cut off point
darth_rosenberg: I'm a little worried, because I thought that once they started revisiting stories it would be a sign they'd run out of steam. And we've seen them do that already - Faith/In My Time of Dying. Dead Man's Blood/BloodLust. But it doesn't feel like they've run out of ideas. It's been muddying the waters - introducing the grey to Dean's POV. So I think there will be a point when they should end it, but right now? I don't know what that point is anymore
darth_rosenberg: the more I watch this episode, the more I'm thinking I might be on to something. I think this season is less about Sam turning evil and more about Dean losing his way
spnwhore: because Sam hasn't been able to save anyone?
darth_rosenberg: "you're like a walking encyclopaedia of weirdness". LOL!
spnwhore: lol
spnwhore: Jess,Ava,Madison
spnwhore: well i think Ava is coming back
darth_rosenberg: Dean's focus in s1 was finding John and getting Sammy back on track. Rebuilding his family. S2 has seen that family torn completely to shreds and he doesn't know who Sam is/will be any more. John's gone, Dean's.... lost his way
darth_rosenberg: "Oh thank god!" "Call me Dean".... *g*
spnwhore: LOL
spnwhore: *sobs*
darth_rosenberg: I agree - Ava and Meg 2.0 (now with added penis!) are coming back - otherwise, what's the point in them?
spnwhore: Meg is coming back?
spnwhore: and lol
darth_rosenberg: nah, the guy from Croatoan who killed Sarge
darth_rosenberg: theory though
spnwhore: aha
spnwhore: nice one
spnwhore: and Andy i believe?
darth_rosenberg: Andy?
spnwhore: from simon said
darth_rosenberg: aha
darth_rosenberg: and... I still think Ash is bad news
spnwhore: he probably is you know
spnwhore: the finale will wreck me
darth_rosenberg: because I'm a twisted son of a bitch and I think he's going to be gaining their trust and then screwing with them all
darth_rosenberg: this season is going to wrech me
darth_rosenberg: wreck me. Why can't I spell?!!!!
spnwhore: the angst
spnwhore: it overshadows everything
spnwhore: i want to watch the Pilot again because they seem happier lol
darth_rosenberg: Ha!
darth_rosenberg: well, Sam was. Till the end anyway!
darth_rosenberg: I need to get writing again.
spnwhore: I need a year of my life back
spnwhore: damn you Kripke
darth_rosenberg: I don't want the time back, 'cause then I'd have missed out on so mych
darth_rosenberg: much even
darth_rosenberg: awww.. bye Molly....
spnwhore: awwwwh
darth_rosenberg: Dean: "I guess she wasn't so bad. For a ghost".
darth_rosenberg: yeah... if this season doesn't end up having a whole lot to do with Dean's breaking point then I'll eat my very favourite hat.
spnwhore: in your terms what is this breaking point
darth_rosenberg: when he does something that crosses his own moral line in the sand. When he hurts, or causes hurt to, someone he loves. When he kills Sam if that's what it takes. When he makes that Faustian deal, when he not only lets an innocent die but actually kills an innocent. When he stops being Dean and starts being the Hunter.
spnwhore: woah
darth_rosenberg: yeah... my brain's in the meta place instead of the meat place....
spnwhore: i'll stick to the meat
darth_rosenberg: LOL
spnwhore: you do the thinking for both of us
darth_rosenberg: hee! My brain might overheat
darth_rosenberg: and you might have to explain to the boys why I'm a drooling mess at Asylum
darth_rosenberg: Well, you might have to do that anyway...
spnwhore: in the midst of my drooling
darth_rosenberg: hee!
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