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so I've been babysitting this afternoon and when I headed out, Mr Nice Neighbour was out washing his car and waved as I left. I got back, decided I was knackered and my back was killing me so I took a long hot bath. There was a knock at the door which I blanked, and then about a minute later the phone went so I let the answer machine get it.

It was Mrs Nice Neighbour: Hi Shona, it's Mrs Nice Neighbour from over the road. I... just wanted to see you were okay.
Translation Hi Shona, so I hear you've got a new haircut and I really wanted to see it. But I can't really say that on the phone so....

I love my neighbours, they're wonderful people, but there's not a lot goes un-noticed... *g*

(yeah, the reason I was looking for Meg pictures on Friday? I have Meg hair now. :D)
Tags: real life
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