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It's now official. It's summer according to the calendar and I have a cold. I hate my sister. (The two are connected, honest, she's the one who had the cold first and I must have caught it from her at the weekend.) So I'm taking a half day today, I'm going home, I'm going to curl up under a zillion blankets and read some Pratchett untill I fall asleep or get bored.


There's already some wonderful entries over at spn_provenance - I'm blown away by how quickly this comm has taken off! Yay! Whaddya think, should I enter a contest I co-mod or not? I'd like to, I think, and it will be anonymous voting so it's not like I could fix the results, but I don't know...

Speaking of wallpapers, I got the okay to post a pimp over at supernaturalart so long as the post also included some art.So I made a wallpaper, I'm actually quite proud of it although it looks hella dark on this screen at work. It's posted over at fandomsbitca and if I had any motivation I would go get the link but right now I'm concentrating too hard on not falling asleep so... :)
Tags: graphics, random, supernatural provenance

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