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In my continuing quest to remain spoiler free...

I've filtered down my default friends view to exclude most of the communities I'm on. I'm not planning on leaving any of them, and if you're not logged in as me then you can still see 'em all on my flist, but I came *this* close to ranting at someone yesterday on supernatural_tv for hinting at the spoiler that I think I already know in a post so... to save me making enemies, and more importantly to save me getting spoiled, I'm filtered waaaay down.

If I miss anything, lemme know? So long as, y'know, it's not a spoiler....

(By the way, thanks all for the *fake* spoilers you guys spammed me with yesterday - loved them! (movie spoiler ahead - highlight to read!) Who knew the Titanic sank?!!!!!)

So anyways, There are four people in the office today, I'm still not well although my brain seems to be almost working, anyone got any fic recs for me? *g*)

Tags: fandom, flist love
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