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I have a favour to ask

For the registered users at Effects of a Troubled Heart, Hand on Heart, Key to the Heart, Daughters of Sineya and I Need a Parrot who are not registered admins on the site, could someone please go in and try to respond to a review on one of your stories?

There's been a glitch reported which means that only those with admin privileges have been able to respond to reviews. I believe I've just got it sorted (or will have as soon as the update's done on INaP) but I can't actually check it myself...

(INaP is momentarily in maintenance mode while I upload the fix, give me ten minutes at the most) Shoulda said 15 like I wanted to... figures the last one to be done would take three times as long as the others! All done - would someone mind checking now? Cheers!

Tags: websites
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