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First - the VisualDNA thing that I nabbed from all my flist:

Been on a bunch of journals so far: Comment and I'll give you three of your icons and three of your interests to explain.

bastardsnow gave me these:

Made by angel_gidget. This is Mara Jade looking oddly like a red-haired Faith in my opinion (using the Faith icon it most reminds me of in this post so you can compare the two). It's from the New Jedi Order artwork, from before NJO got... annoyingly predictable. :) Yes, I'm a Star Wars geek, and in case you were in any doubt about that...

It says Mara Sho. In Aurebesh. The written version of Basic in the Star Wars universe. monkey_matt made it for me because he's even more of a geek than I am. *g*

Ah... one of my experimental colouring phases in iconing. The picture itself is from Graduation Day II, just after Angel has fed from Buffy. I loved the crop and the colouring so much I ended up uploading the icon in my userpics and now tend to use it for those days when I haven't been able to sleep. Yeah... that wasn't all that interesting was it? *g*


bad wolf - this is the recurring tag line from season one of the relaunched Doctor Who. It appeared in the background of every episode throughout the season and was all tied up at the end of the season when Rose (having absorbed the Time Vortex to defeat the Daleks) scattered the words through time so that she would find herself at that point when she was needed. This was back when Doctor Who was actually really good and not so predictable. (I still love DW, really, but it annoys me a little these days.)

egyptology - if I could afford the time and money to go back into studying, I would focus on this. I love all things about Ancient Egypt, this society which had successful brain surgery when its neighbouring countries were still battering each other the head with rocks? I have been known to sit in front of Discovery Civilisation and argue with the documentaries (especially the ones which mispronounce the name Akhenaten. *g*)

jason manns - a relatively recent discovery of mine. I'm a sucker for singer/songwriters who play acoustic guitar. Jason Manns is one such performer - and I'll be getting the chance to hear him live in just over two weeks! Yay!

gumboy asked about these ones:

Made for me by the wonderful engelsteorra (miss you honey - have fun in LA!). I went on a campaign at work to get people hooked on the webcomic Questionable Content and as part of that campaign I introduced engelsteorra to the joys of the blackboard jokes. One of which was Spam, spam, coffee, spam. And she iconed it for me. :)

made by wildecate, I saw this elsewhere on my flist and just had to use it. The wonderful Mr Terry Pratchett created the concept of the first computer in the Discworld. Maintained by the long-suffering techie geek wizard Ponder Stibbons, Hex (like all computers) has a mind of his/her/its own and this is the standard response when faced with unsolvable problems. The mouse that has taken up residence within the contraption obviously has some input and this strange person called "Redo From Start" keeps on sending these messages... Can you tell I'm a big Discworld geek now?

Another Aurebesh icon, this one was the reason I got the other one. monkey_matt posted it to his journal and promised a prize to the first person to understand it. It says "Star Wars Geek" in Aurebesh (written form of Basic in the SW 'verse).

egyptology I mentioned this above, in addition, I have read pretty much every book that Glasgow University Library holds on this subject (including the French ones). I am just so fascinated by the subject, everything about it intrigues me.

The Zeppo - ah, do I mean the episode or the character or both? It is one of my top 5 Buffy episodes, and the turning point (or what should have been the turning point) for Xander in BtVS.

guitars - When I was 13 my dad bought me a second hand acoustic guitar. I'd been in the school choir up until then but had no real interest in carrying on with singing, but I wanted to continue in the music department. So I got my beat up guitar and I joined the club at school. I playd several concerts with them, I loved it absolutely. When my studies got intense I left the club but carried on playing, and when I was at Uni I used to jam with one of my friends roommates. She had a Gibson. I have very little regret about saying that she probably sold it the next year to fund her growing drug habit (I don't wish any bad on her, but she was a junkie when I knew her and it was getting worse). Since then I have loved guitars. And even though that was about the time I stopped playing (and gave away my own beat-up second guitar that my dad had bought for me) that interest has never gone away. I have a new guitar now, I'm learning again, and I still want a Gibson.

acme54 asked about...

Indy. One of my first loves, and if t'internet had been around and as available as it is now, ir would have been one of my first fandoms... I love Indiana Jones movies. Yes, they're cheesy, yes, they're kinda crappy, but there is nothing better than the whole trilogy to lift my mood. (And as a fan, I'm kinda dreading Indy IV. He's what.... 112 now? *g*)

I nabbed this from a site which then kinda vanished into the ether. It's actually mostly aimed at my sister to be honest, she keeps telling me she's worried that I don't have interests, that I don't have a life. But I do. I just spend it online... side note from an iconers POV, I hate the dashed-line border on this. If it wasn't a huuuuuuuuge breach of netiquette I'd remake it without the border!

- happy Dean! One-up-manship at its best, which is a rare commodity in the otherwise angst-ridden season two. I made this for a claim over at 100days100icons and realised that all my existing userpics at the time were maudlin. So Happy!Dean!

egypt I've been to North Africa, I've done Morocco and Tunisia. But I would give my eye-teeth to visit Egypt. Both the historical sites which fascinate me and the current vibrant cities. Not the best political climate to visit though, I will get there. Some day.

House M.D. - what can I say? I love this show hugely even though I don't tend to blog about it much. It's a very British show in its sensibilities (unapologetic, confrontational, black humour) and it never ceases to amaze me how successful it is worldwide.

Stargate - yes, some of the TV shows weren't all they could be. Yes, it was like wading through treacle watching some episode of SG-1. Yes, it kinda promotes a right-wing sensibility a lot of the time, but it's still one of my favourite SF shows and films.

bellatemple asked about these ones:

Icon made for the two person RPG _dontcomehome_ which features Faith and Lindsey post season 2 of Ats on a roadtrip. I still love this RPG and when I have the time (or develop the clone me which I can send to work in my place so I can stay home all day...) I'll pick it up again and get them the hell out of Roswell... *g*

Kelly Jones... *sigh* Love the Stereophonics for the most part, and in the video for the song Maybe Tomorrow Kelly just looked so... vulnerable? (and shirtless for quite a while as well which wasn't exactly difficult to watch...) that I had to icon it. I used to have a layout on this LJ with a matching banner for that icon as well.

The Pratchett reference - this icon has kinda become my normal one for when one of the sites goes belly-up or when I can't find the code I need... *g*

classic bikes I want one of those... My dad was a biker, as are a lot of cousins. I grew up with a house full of engine parts for a long time and I absolutely adore bikes.

lj not vox yeah... I should probably remove that now since I have a Vox account... I am still annoyed that LJ were trying to move more towards a MySpace feel and trying to encourage people who didn't like that to move over to Vox. It's not so much of an issue now though.

roadhouse Supernatural reference. Ellen Harvelle runs the Roadhouse where Hunters gather to chill out and find out things. I'm a big fan of the extended universe (as it were) in SPN and am intrigued by all the characters we only get to glimpse now and then.
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