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Supernatural 2:20 reaction

See, this is the icon I wanted to use: but it would kinda have given it away.

I didn't watch the director's cut on the CW site this week, I'm taking my spoiler-free-dom seriously, but within about a minute of this I knew I was going to be broken wide open.

How many people cried out "Oh, Dean!!" during this episode? I didn't. I kept on saying "Oh, Honey!" over and over again.

This... cut to the quick. Although it's making me second-guess my assertion that the whole Sam-centric story has been a mislead by Kripke up until now. With such a Dean-centric episode so close to the finale, I can't help but feel this is to allow the focus to be on Sam for the next two episodes.

Either way will work for me, but let me say right now, unspoiled as I am: 1 - Dean has a bigger role to play than protector. 2 - Ash is evil.

I am unspoiled, these are just things I've been contemplating over the season so far.

Now, let me go back and watch Dean be happy again for a while?
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