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M'on the Biffy

So my inner (not-so-hidden) Rock Chick is coming to the fore again, aided by the fact that the new Manics single kinda rocks and even though Lostprophets are getting a little too entrenched in LA-LA land for my tastes, Start Something is still one of the best albums I've heard in a long time (Liberation Transmission is decent enough, but Start Something is awesome).

And Biffy Clyro are *this close* to making it big.

This pleases me greatly.

And for the first time in a very long time I actually feel like writing something, without worrying that everyone's going to hate it and ask me what the hell I was thinking when I thought it would be a good idea to put pen to paper. (Seriously, that's what goes on in my head, either that or the ever-popular "the fact that a couple of people liked it is a fluke, I'll never be able to write more/finish it/replicate the fluke so I should just give up now...") Wow, that was random. Yeah, I forgot my meds again this morning but on the plus side my roots aren't showing any more - I am properly blonde now. (and if the credit card that they swore has been sent out arrives today then I can get my hair cut properly in the morning).

I'm going to have to ask my sister to drive me to the airport I think, trains and buses and the like are just too much of a hassle for the time I need to be there for the flight. She mentioned at the weekend how I was going to get there, I think she was waiting for me to ask but I told her I had it sorted. Ooops. And now I have a decision to make, I can fit everything I'm taking into an overnight bag if I don't take stuff like writing notepads  (and my sketchpad) and I limit the stuff I'm taking to get signed, but... is it worth the time saved not waiting at luggage claim if I don't have everything I want to have? So... suitcase or not? You decide...

Last day at work before taking off for Asylum, and the announcement on the forums yesterday that Jensen had arrived and was at his hotel kinda kick-started the squee. Just when the small mammals in the ten mile radius had gotten their hearing back as well... How the hell am I going to be getting through the rest of today? It's going to be so dull in this place, and I can't even spam people 'cause my network connections being screwy right now (probably 'cause I exceeded my download limits by doing both the plethora of journal usage stats and catching up on the newest additions to the AVA nominees list...) so limited email, no messenger systems... and I should probably get everything cleared out of my intrays...

(and WTF is this? I'm listening to the 'Biffy Clyro Similar Artists' station and this is not Snow Patrol... damn, so it is! It's Wow (Eddy TM Losers RMX) Whoddathunk you could actually make a trance track out of Snow Patrol? Huh...)

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