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Crap. Got caught up in a traffic jam this morning so I only just made it into work. Means I have to stay late to make up the hours I took yesterday. Flexi time's great but every now and then something like this happens which screws up my plans. Ah well, at least it's raining outside - if it was nice I'd be mightily pissed off at having to stay late.

Got in after taking yesterday off to find the bitca boss had not only left a pile of work on my desk which has nothing to do with me but has also sent me an email concerning work which is mine, that she did yesterday when I was on leave, and she wants me to look into what she did and talk to her about it Monday when she's in. Why didn't she just leave it to me to do in the first place? She probably sat with it for an hour or so yesterday, I'll end up fixing whatever it is she screwed up which'll take me an hour and then I'll have to go over it with her on Monday - probably another hour. If she'd left it on my desk for me to do from scratch today I could have done it in 15 minutes. Plus, she has "issues" with the way I train a new member of staff because it's not the way she would do it so she's demanding I do it her way. My instant reaction when I saw the email was "Aye, right. So I will."

Two weeks and counting till I get rid of her completely. Yay!
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