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Quick update

Finally got the hook for my spn_heavymeta essay which is just as well since it's due tomorrow...

smhwpf? Betas will be winging their way back to you the moment I have the essay finished.

thedothatgirl? Did you get both sets of emails with links to the comicised pictures, or just the last one (with VM)? What other fandoms do you need for that? (And it's a matter of playing with the threshold settings to get the effect - I'll explain it by email once I've got the essay done).

Everyone else - and you two as well! - I'm having so much fun with the fanon facts meme (how much do I love the fact that you guys seem to be actively trying to stump me?! Clem? Puh-lease, that was easy!) so feel free to leave me other characters and I'll get to them asap (there are... two I think still to be done on there which I'll try to get done before lunch)

Next Asylum update will probably be tomorrow to be honest - but it'll be a biggie.

(and as if I didn't have enough to do... I just volunteered to take over the running of the Freshers' Fair this year since the person currently running it doesn't want anything to do with it anymore. Some of you who were at Asylum know what I'm planning - I just hope I get the go-ahead (and maybe even get some official promotional materials to use...))
Tags: freshers' fair, random
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