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SPN pre-series John drabble for fic_variations posted there and at fandomsbitca (See, spnnewsletter? I do make fan creations as well as gazing in awe at what others do...)

Forgot to eat. Beer looked good. It's been in the fridge since the weekend and was feeling unappreciated. I'm going to be hungover at work tomorrow... joy.

Anyways - I really, really, really crave feedback. Really. I kinda... don't trust my writing. I'd like to know what people think of my writing. Don't get me wrong, I love hearing "this is great!", but more than that I love the rare gift that _amy_star recently gave me of real constructive grammatical advice and criticism. Please, if I suck, tell me what you don't like and I'll second-guess/kow-tow to it. If I disagree (which is a possibility) I'll say so!.

Good grief I sound needy... Well, I kinda am.

I know a lot of you have me friended because of the sites (be it INAP, WKA, FX, BX, DX, Sineya, WX... ooops, did I let something slip there?!) and I know some of you comment on my own fic because you feel you should... but I would really like to know what you really think. Would my time be better spent working on my web skills or my writing skills?
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