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I just want to say a huge thank you to each and every one of you for coping with my extreme emo-ness over the last few days. Yes, there was reason, but I still over-reacted in a way that makes me thank my determination to tell the doctor it wasn't time to come off the meds last time around.

Niecelet is now 5lbs 15 (I think that's what she said), she was 7lbs exactly when she was born on the 10th May. She is still jaundiced but it's not getting worse, it's just not getting better. The weight loss is the real reason that she's in and out of hospital. She's out again, and when I left their house around a half hour ago she was displaying that there's absolutely nothing wrong with her lungs or voice.

I feel terrible because I argued with Sis this morning (there was a short-lived post about that at around 9am) and then when I saw the kids I was short with them. I wasn't mean, I wasn't angry, but when my 3 year old niece says "Are you not grumpy any more?" I know I must have been showing it more than I meant to.

I'm still not sorted, I have received some excellent advice via email and through comments - thank you again - but I feel a little more positive. Yes, I'm in a hole, but at least I know to stop digging down now.

So again, thank you all for putting up with me lately.

I swear I will try to be less emo in the future.
Tags: family, real life sucks
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