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Crack!Fic - SPN/Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

See, beer and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition are a baaaaaaaaad mix.

(post AHBL:2 so folks at ITV2 rate? Come back at the end of June.)

Disclaimer: I own nowt. SPN belongs to Kripke et al, EM:HE belongs to whomever owns it.
Notes: One beer ago and I would have written this but not posted. Lucky for you guys that I opened that last beer then...

"Guys, I want you to think about this. There was one thing Bill wanted, and that was to build a home for his wife and baby daughter – for his family. He also wanted to create a place where those people who are turned away from everywhere else can fit in.

"He was a pioneer.

"He built his roadhouse, and he turned no one away when they stepped through that door. A community built up here.

"And then, tragedy struck. Bill died in a horrible accident, but his wife – Ellen – believed in his dream and carried on. She kept this place open; she kept this community going.

"These are people who – through no fault of their own – found themselves on the outskirts of society. And they always had a place to go thanks to Bill's dream and Ellen's determination to keep that going.

"And then tragedy struck for the second time. On May 10th 2007, the Roadhouse burned to the ground. No one knows for sure what happened, but what we can be sure of is that this community that has grown up around Bill's dream and Ellen's determination need our help.

"Ellen needs our help.

"So, are you in?"
Tags: fic: crossover, fic: spn, humour
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