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messages to some of the flist ('cause it's quicker than email)

thedothatgirl - reviews are done but need grammar checked. You'll have 'em at lunchtime (Let Go and Right Time was what you needed, right? Anything else?) Didn't get a chance to work on a banner - will have a go tonight (and yes, I might just know someone with DA pictures... *g*)

purplephoenix03 - got absolutely nothing done about the site last night, I'm sneaking some time in during work, will email you about it later on.

smhwpf - beta'd The Lion and have taken a pass at The Pack - can have them both back tonight or one at a time if you prefer?

engelsteorra - will email you my number tonight, do you have my newest mobile number as well?

fic_variations/aaronlisa - can I still post my May ficlets today (5th) or is it too late?

wenchpixie - haven't started on the graphics yet, but wanted to check if you need a specific format? JPG, PNG, GIF or whatever?
Tags: flist love, random
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