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I miss my boys!

So it seems like lots of you are currently getting to see my boys and having a whale of a time. I'm insanely jealous and the only reason I don't hate you all is that you're sharing pics (and vids!) with me.

But this is the first year in four years I've not seen my boys play live and it's... not right at all. I miss my boys!

(And yes, I am kicking myself for having to say I couldn't go to acrazywench - it would have been all kinds of awesome...)

So, aditu_az has already said she would, but if any of the rest of you happen to see my boys in the near future, tell them they really have to come a little further north next time? Like say... Glasgow? Hell, if they need a place to stay, I got a spare room. If they need a place to put on the gig, I can make some suggestions...

I miss my boys...
Tags: gigs, kane
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