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week long to do list

AVA banner
DTBJWB banner & "Stuff"
Sweet Charity graphics
Kane related graphics
LJ, GJ and IJ layouts

SFs companion
fic_variations June claims

Episode summaries/reviews
Character profiles
Actor biogs
Myths explored

yeah... I'm going to be busy over the next week... Is anyone expecting something specific from me that I've maybe forgotten about? (Given that my short term memory sucks out loud)

On a random note, I have absolutely no idea what I'm supposed to be doing at work. I don't think the 'SFs companion' counts somehow. Anyone know what I'm meant to be doing?

On an even more random note - I found my red boots! (I am not a sterotypical girl as some of you know, I don't do the squee over shoes, but I do have far too many pairs of boots. Including a red pair that I love and haven't work for years. I have them on right now (they don't at all clash with my green jumper, who said that?) *g*)

eta things to do this afternoon:
Phone bank. Get this mess sorted (getting there!).
Eat (possibly do that before I phone the bank)
AVA banner (and ignore the damn plot bunnies the concept is inspiring...)
DTBJWB things.
Tags: multi-tasking madness, to do lists are evil
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