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We talk each night from a thousand miles away....

... sometimes there's just nothing left to say...

Still squeeing!



(Seriously, after the Jensen bruising my hand, the Jensen hug, and now the Steve late-night phone call? I don't think I'm *ever* coming down from this high!)

Real point of this post is to say that I got absolutely nothing done this weekend and if it hadn't been for the babysitting it would have been the best weekend ever. *huggles aditu_az, purplephoenix03 and wenchpixie for the fun of the all-night MSN chat on Friday night. When I signed offline my alarm went off - that's how long we were chatting, if it had been a work day I'd have been just getting up! - and I have the log saved. Just y'know, for blackmailing at some future date...

Will try to catch up with all the stuff I'm meant to have done soon - promise!

(Oh! And fresleyforever?!! We need to talk soon about spn_provenance give me a buzz if you're around?)
Tags: kane, steve carlson
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