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Return of the Cleavagey-Slut-Bomb

Okay, so most of you know that that I'm going to the Fusion convention in April/May this year (yay I'm gonna meet Nick!!) and you may or may not know that each night has a themed party where you get to dress up and basically act like an idiot for the entire evening - it's very funny to see - but I digress.

For Fusion the themes are "Back to School" - not exacrly difficult - Roman Toga (again with the easy-ness!) and "The Bronze". That one basically says, come dressed as a character from the show, any character. Now, with long red hair you'd think there would only really be one choice for me wouldn't you? And to tell the truth it was my first choice because I do have rather a lot of Willow-like clothes in my wardrobe. But no. I decided to make things a bit more challenging.

Yesterday Denise and I went on a girly shopping day (well as girly as it gets when it kicks off with having lunch in an Irish pub whilst watching the first half of the Scotland/Italy rugby match!) and I bought the following: Really nice pair of indigo Levi's, Black low cut verst top, Rock-chick boots. All I need now is some black hair colouring and a temporary tattoo - I'm going as Faith!!!!! Me? Faith!

Denise has actually dared me to approach Nick whilst dressed like that and say "Don't worry, I'll steer you round the curves." I agreed. I'm regretting that now but I don't think I'll back out... until about five seconds before I open my mouth that is!

Onto other things, Asbjoern Grandt (archivist at XanderZone has just recommended "What A Difference A Day Makes" to that group as well - can I just reiterate how completely and utterly blown away I am with how well this story is being received?

I'm writing chapter two right now (well, right at the moment I'm wrtiting this LJ entry but you get what I mean) and listening to jazz again - what a fantastic way to start a Sunday!

I actually said this to a friend the other day, at some point in the last month or so I've stopped thinking of myself as someone who likes writing. I'm a writer. It's as simple as that, okay so I'm not getting paid for writing at the moment but being a writer isn't just a job description - it's who you are.

I am a writer.
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