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Take that eFiction! You are well and truly defeated! Hee!

I managed to work out a possible fix for the missing sites and implented it all on my own - and it worked! (And yes, with my aversion to all things database related, this is a big deal. I was coding directly into the MySQL database at one point! (yeah, coding's not the right term, that's how much I avoid doing it...)) So pointless nostalgic and Spirit of the Heart (not officially launched yet) are back!

It now seems that I cannot ever be online at the same time as any of my friends. Woe. Sorry wenchpixie - I got your text at 5.30 this morning, I take it you weren't online at that point... and hopeless_cynic - I really want to go ahead with our project, can you email me today/tonight because I don't know when I'll next be on messenger.

I also *really* have to finish up my Sweet Charity things before July. Officially I have until the end of July to do them, but I feel like they've been sitting there unfinished for way too long. And I have prompts to write for fic_variations here on LJ (2 sets), prompts to write for spn_100 over on IJ (come join! aaronlisa's drabble challenge for Supernatural - you know you want to!) and 100 John icons for sn_100 on LJ. Plus the other graphics I still have to do for friends (wenchpixie, aditu_az, fresleyforever, emeraldswan are the ones I know I have to do - I have a horrible feeling I'm forgetting someone? Help?). Problem is my insomnia seems to have been cured and I'm now sleeping pretty much from when I get in until I leave for work. So although I have all this stuff to do, I just can't seem to find the time to do any of it. (Plus, work is not exactly fun at the moment because it never is, but it is time consuming so I can't even write in the downtime...)


Okay - I just remembered what graphics I've forgotten. The winners banners for spn_provenance and the smaller banners for the Art of Vidding Awards... Seriously - fresleyforever and thedothatgirl - my brain has become sieve-like lately. Kick me if I forget again?
Tags: efiction: how do i hate thee?, finding motivation, flist love, graphics, sites, websites
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