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I want a Trilby

I'm medicated. Probably because he knew I'd be bitching at him with the side effects, monkey_matt provided the financing for my meds (and a drink at Trina's night out last night). All hail the Monkey King. Oh, wait, that's a different thing isn't it?

Anyways, I'm having a particularly random weekend. I'm working on the drabbles in my head and am planning on getting them online tomorrow at some point. If you wanna prompt me still, go ahead - I'll see what I can do for ya!

thedothatgirl, we had multiple power cuts overnight so I was kinda offline all night (and today) so I couldn't get my final placings (well, apart from the Hunter award 'cause... man that's tough!) to you. Will get them to you ASAP. I swear!

hopeless_cynic, same reason, couldn't reply, will get going with the setup then - different graphics methinks. :D

As for the subject line, I have a trilby, I love my trilby, but it's midnight blue velvet so I can't really wear it a lot 'cause it rains... I want one I can actually wear outside because I really do love my trilby and I would wear it all the time. My Grandpa had a trilby that he would let me wear. It was dark grey and had a brown feather in the band. Grandpa died when I was 16 (actually on my birthday) and I don't know what happened to that hat. So, I want a trilby- anyone know where I can get one that won't break me completely (keeping in mind I have no money at all right now!)? (I don't mind second hand clothes at all, but hats and shoes... (and obviously underwear!) I just can't wear second hand hats or shoes.) Help?
Tags: flist love, mental health, random
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