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More DW stuff

I used to have someone on my flist who considered herself a BNF for DW. Hell, she probably was but goodness knows I don't give a fuck about BNF's - like a very wise person said "One person's BNF is the next person's 'Who the fuck?'" But anyway, I don't think she'll be very happy with the latest Doctor Who episode because it screws with continuity in a way that is really going to piss purists like her off.*

But you know what? I don't care.

I was one of those people who genuinely hide behind the couch when DW was on when I was a kid. Seriously the end credits used to scare the crap out of me. I hid. Before it was a cliché.

I really, really, really love the mania that John Simm is using to play The Master. I come to this fresh, I've never seen anyone play The Master (except Eric Roberts and, god love him, that TV-movie had zero impact on my consciousness so I dunno, was he good?).

For the new generation. John Simm's Master is the perfect Nemesis for the Doctor. And he was needed.

RTD can be a good writer, he verges on the great but he never quite gets there. He lets agendas get in the way too often. Whether it be his Gay Agenda or the Political Agenda or some other which this humble blogger hasn't quite identified yet, they all interfere with the ultimate goal. The story.

Maybe I'm naive, but I believe the story should be at the fore. Everything else is secondary. Every thing.

You have a protagonist. Fine, you have people supporting that protagonist. Great. But the only way you can actually have a story - introduce some drama - is to have an antagonist.

John Simm's Master is that antagonist.

Please, Rusty, I'm begging you. Do not have the solution be Reggie Fucking Yates. Mediocre DJ, Crap Kids' TV Presenter, Meh Actor, Martha's brother.

Please? I'm on my knees here!

I personally have been finding this new season of DW intelligent, less... human, I guess... but again we find ourselves with the finale set in the here and now. Rusty, please, we got sick and tired of the Powell Estate in the last couple of years. Please don't make me hate Martha and her family in the way that I grew to hate the Tylers and Mickey?

And please, I'm begging you; do not kill off John Simm's Master!!!

*(she de-friended me. I figure it's 'cause I started showing interest in other fandoms. But right now I have this to say - whatever.) (And yes, deliberately leaving this unflocked in case she sees it. *waves*)
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