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Winchester Day Plans!

okay, now that the rant is off my chest I can share with y'all my Winchester Day plans:

- work till 5 (dammit, there's not enough people here to leave early...)
- get caught up in the traffic past the airport (Glasgow Fair Friday, busiest day every year at Glasgow Airport)
- go to the supermarket and hope they still have that offer on beer going.
- buy lots of beer and sweeties. (Strawberry laces... mmmm)
- head home and put the pizza in the oven (I have no pizza takeout anywhere near me that's worth buying from...)
- turn off the lights and my phone and watch the following films:
Wrong Turn (haven't actually watched it, I've watched other people watching it though. It's a strange way to watch a film!)
The Beast Must Die (Oh how I love that oh-so-cheerful big black Alsation werewolf!)
House of Wax (thank you aditu_az!)
John Carpenter's Vampires
and maybe Devour...

And of course there will be a couple of episodes of SPN in there as well just to remind me what the whole purpose of the day...

And there may be SPN fic. Maybe. For some reason I feel a bit odd writing R rated (or higher, it might get higher if the characters have their way) at work, even on lunchbreak... so if I can get over that uncomfortableness, there will be fic written today (might not be posted till later on in the weekend because this one will need some serious betaing first)

Speaking of fic and beta reading (and me completely and utterly abandoning a principle... *g*). wenchpixie is dabbling in J2 RPS. (PG-13). The first she's written (Candy Kisses) was so damn sweet and adorable that I was hooked in. And I beta read the follow up Sugar Lips last night. It's awesome. Go, read, adore. (yeah... I'm reccing RPS. Hell has frozen over...)

I'm collecting horror film recs from folks in the office so I'll throw it open here: What are the best horror films you've seen and would recommend I get ahold of? (office suggestions so far: Candyman, The Vanishing (original), Nightmare on Elm St (first one), Event Horizon.)
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