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I... have had too much to drink for the third night in a row. I hope I have a hangover tomorrow because if I don't I might start to think I have a problem.

I... have sunburn on my shoulders. Sorry for everyone in England and anywhere else it rained today (hee - on St Swithens Day no less), but I spent the day in glorious sunshine playing swingball with my nephews and niece (youngest niece is still a tad too small to play yet...)

I... have no idea why I'm posting this. I'm emo, slightly not-sober, and trying to work out a fic in my head that's just refusing to get onto paper even though I can *see* it. But I did just post a pretty angsty drabble over at fandomsbitca. Jo POV of BUaBS. Which would be the episode that forms a major part of the fic I'm trying (and failing) to write right now. This drabble just appeared and needed to be written.

I... should go get some sleep now. Or at least, try to.

I... haven't answered a comment in two days. I also have not really checked my flist in that time. I kinda suck.

I... love you guys. Really.
Tags: drabble, flist love, random
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